Some philosophy

Well, I guess since this thing is supposed to be about philosophy and drugs that I should finally post something about philosophy. So, here is a short introduction to some of my philosophical foundations.

First, I like to think of myself as an eternal skeptic. In the famous words of Descartes: If you would be a real seeker after truth, it is necessary that at least once in your life you doubt, as far as possible, all things. I ceased long ago simply swallowing all the shit I had been taught over the years. We as humans are rational creatures capable of critical thought and that is how I approach all ideas. Let’s face it, people can and will believe anything sometimes.

Second, I am of the opinion that most of what we see is colored by our individual perceptions. That is, the world out there may truly exist independent of us (it doesn’t really) but, we can not escape the fact that our own experiences, values and biases shape how we see and interact with it. Almost nothing one perceives and believes is absolutely true.

Third, I believe that life is pointless, essentially nothing more than cosmic accident. There is no purpose to existence and trying to find one is fruitless and hurtful. When one makes conclusions about such things it is silly. You have no way of truly knowing for sure and it often leads people to premature judgement about others. I know that this part makes my philosophy sound bleak and hopeless, but that is simply not true.

I embrace this idea and am finding more and more everyday that it actually empowers me to be happy, rather than existentially despondent.

Short, but sweet. Will write more later.

posted by Diogenes on Wednesday, November 01, 2006