Brief moments

An old friend of mine and I used to set up video camera when we got fucked up. It was set on a time
elapse and would only take 15 seconds of footage every 10 minutes or so. This is what one may have seen were that to happen tonight.

Beautful Barfly: J’s breasts are great. Have you ever felt them?

PJ: Uh no. Her and I are like best friends. That would be inappropriate.

T: I agree, they are exquisite. But I would not touch them for fear of K. kicking the shit out of me.

Skip time.

So would you blow a police officer to stay out of jail for a month?

Skip time.

So would you take a $1,000 dollars to drink that bowl we were all just spitting in?

Eh, I will remember more later.

posted by Diogenes on Tuesday, September 19, 2006