Premature enlightenment

So, what can I say that is not gonna piss someone off? Screw that. I guess I must say what is. Damn the torpedoes!

I have realized just recently that perhaps I have misunderstood enlightenment. Perhaps I have taken for granted what the drugs and the people have taught me is false. I have seen, witnessed my own premature enlightenment. I have thought on more than one
occasion that the substances have taught me something.


They have taught me a few things. They have. Let us not denigrate them for what they are and what they have taught me. But….

They are what they are. They only teach us what we are prepared for and nothing else. I, we may think that they teach us all and everything. I sincerely believed that at some point. I may have put faith into that idea as short as one month ago.


The only truth we come to recognize is that truth we are prepared to deal with. Drugs, in the end, have taught me nothing. My experience, my interaction with those people I love
and those that (truly) love us back, these are the only true lessons. These are the moments we live and the things we learn.

NOTHING ELSE MEANS SHIT. (private note to SLG: nevermind what you hear. people are as they are. everything is as it is. we all have beauty. we just have to see it.)

sniffle-long gang, i love you forever. you have provided more to me than you could ever imagine. i only hope that i also fit into the puzzle so beautifully.

with unconditional love for all: PJ or JC or N or Lover–however you know me.

posted by Diogenes on Monday, September 18, 2006