The Last Hurrah

Ladies and Gents, believe it or not the crew and I are going into voluntary detox. No, not in a hospital or other some such shit. Just plain old self-inflicted cold-turkey quit and clean. Why?

Aristotle teaches that virtue is found in the moderation of types of behavior. For example, the value of courage is found in the middle of coward and reckless asshole. So. every once in a while we just have to stop, relax and breathe. And try to find that middle.

Hence, I am hammered. The final inning must always be an exciting one. Thanks everyone for a good time. Thank you Pam for being the Buddha for the evening and teaching us all something.

List of things needed for detox: 1 blanket, 1 television, DVD player, shitload of DVD’s, porn, quart of rum, quart of tequila,2 pair clean clothes, Kleenex, 2 frozen pizzas and 3 quarts water.

And in true Trainspotting style: Now all I need is just one more hit.

posted by Diogenes on Saturday, October 07, 2006