last 24 hours

Right about this time last night the party kicked into, oh, I don’t know, third gear maybe. It’s that time in the party when nothing else but a private residence provides enough privacy from the squares.

The bar essentially kicked us out at 3 AM. The number in our party by this time? D, BB, K, A, J, M, J, Kt- makes eight, I think. All in all I thought it was an interesting night. In the process of getting hammered I got to to talk politics, argue for fun about nothing, get insulted, watch a beautiful woman work two strangers at the bar, and yes, eventually, fuck.

Blessed sleep. I awoke in the early PM. I had told a roomie that I would help him typeset some sort of bar menu for work. I could not breathe through my nostrils, so, open-mouthed I accomplished this little task. I really wanted a shot. Absent the presence of that item, I ate a space cake and wondered why I was intoxicated later on my couch.

Near catatonic high or sleep, I don’t know. Get up from bed, retrieve other half of space cake. Consume space cake. Sit down at computer.

A friend of mine once told me, “Show me a man sitting at home smoking pot, doing nothing and I will show you a man who isn’t causing any trouble.”

God, I wonder if I can still get a Bloody Mary somewhere?

posted by Diogenes on Sunday, August 20, 2006