the summer of snow

This summer has been all about one thing. No, perhaps that is the wrong way to put it. This summer has been irrationally fueled by this one thing. Kinda strange how this has all worked out.

Summer begins and I am already in moderate party mode (read: I go out 3-4 times a week). A good friend starts to become worried about my habits. He has seen lots of people take the wrong road and get hurt so he is just looking out for me. From my own experience and his concern, a friend and I decide that July 4th weekend will be a huge blowout and then we will start to settle.

Well, then something odd happened. This beautiful barfly (like me) makes her presence known and her desire to hang out somewhat obvious. I am of course intrigued and love courageous women. So she comes to the house with us and parties and all night, cool shit. It was 4th of July weekend and rather than that weekend be the end of our summer party, it actually became the beginning.

Yes, because despite the fact that some of us were already going out 4-6 nights a week, after the arrival of this young lady it all started going even faster. Within another week her and I started hanging out with some other mutual friends of ours, people we did not know that the other knew. But these folks were perfect. The first night we all ended up hanging out ’til the sun rose. And all because I had an itch that night that our new friends could scratch. Perfect. Those folks have now become another beautiful piece in this strange puzzle.

I have been saying both out-loud and to myself that this summer has not really been about the drugs though’. The fact is, after all these years of using I have learned one thing: drugs do not create wonderful moments, people do. If the people you are consorting with suck, no drug can make that better, it can only make you tolerate them more.

posted by Diogenes at Monday, August 14, 2006