IHOP and the taste of oblivion

Place: IHOP

Time: Sunday, noon

Setting: Our fearless, handsome protagonist with a beautiful young lady surrounded by faith-filled
righteous Christians fresh from the recharge zones they call churches.

BW: So, what the fuck are you gonna do today?

FHP: I wanna go drinking as soon as the bar can serve liquor. Today, I feel the need to taste oblivion.

BW: I feel like that everyday.

FHP: Yeah, me too. But I don’t often get the opportunity to visit.

BW: I thought you needed to get a lawnmower and water treatment shit.

(Cue blushing young children in tables next to main characters)

FHP: Fuck. You are right. If I do not get the treatment shit we will all be sick as fucking dogs by
the end of the week. Well, I can obtain that stuff right down the street from the bar. On the way I will
call the snow-machine operator and get the last big coating taken care of.

BW: Excellent.