intoxicated buddhist frenzy

So, yesterday morning around 6 AM a friend of mine mentions being worried about money trouble. I of course jumped on the moment to extol the virtues of he Buddhist philosophy. He is a Christian, so I felt the need to enlighten him on something I know he knew nothing of. Plus, I just LOVE to talk about the Buddha–it really gets my rocks off, seriously.

Anyway, so I go into this hour long tirade about how we all have problems and worries. There is never any escaping that, except when you are dead. The trick is to learn to go with the flow of things and to not hold on to (become attached) to those moments that have passed or may pass. This is not an escapist ethos though. On the contrary, I told my audience, one must understand that the phrase, “this too shall pass,” is not meant to be used only when one is in pain or suffering. No, the phrase must become for all moments.

When we are having the best time of our lives, those moments too shall pass. This is not negative, nor pessimistic, it just is.

My pupil somehow mentions surfing. I segue into how surfing is exactly what proper meditation should be i.e. pure being, experiencing the present moment fully, nothing else exists. That is meditation I explained, in a nutshell, layman’s kinda way, I guess. Again, the trick is to master being in every moment just like that moment on the board, or up in a mountain or whatever it is people do. Total mindfulness of the present moment. It is, after all, the only moment you ever get to live.

I think this whole conversation started with me saying that everything people do is basically escapist in nature. A way to dilute the things in their head that they do not understand.

posted by Diogenes on Thursday, August 10, 2006