Hire Me as a Political Advisor and Get Great Ideas Like This

  1. All legislative and executive communication must be recorded for immediate public perusal. (We can negotiate on the national security issues.)
  2. Cap federal election spending. If it is good enough for football…
  3. Shore up and/or expand public financing of third party federal elections candidates
  4. Tax the income of illegal immigrants. They enjoy the benefits, so they should help pay. They would feel less marginalized and we could keep badly needed cheap labor.
  5. Mandate anti-counterfeit paper voting receipts for electronic voting machines.
  6. Polling booths should be operated by workers chosen from lottery? Some attempt at solving any conflict of interest problems.
  7. Federal election voting days are holidays.
  8. Start a campaign to toughen violent sex crime laws. Rather than pussy foot around with illegally holding them, just lengthen the sentences and be done with it. One might be able to make a strong argument for mandatory minimums here: 1st offense is 10 years (with limited judicial discretion) and life for the second. We have “three strikes” laws so why can’t we just do this? Simple.
  9. To settle the issue of gay marriage/civil unions, just let each church decide their own policies, but the local and state governments must provide the service. Each person deserves equal protection, but not special rights; churches, like businesses are allowed to decide who their clientèle are, but government should not.
  10. Forget universal health care; the issue is dead in the water.  (OUCH.  Maybe I was premature on this one.)
  11. Instead of grandiose ideas like the above, try to fix the shit that is breaking down in this country, like the highways and transportation infrastructure.