Good times…

Well, I have arrived back from Miami where I attended the Ultra Music Festival. Ultra is a huge rave/dance event that is held in conjunction with the Winter Music Conference. This year the event was held at Bicentennial Park and 45,000 people attended. Each of the major genres of dance music were represented at separate tents all over the park grounds. This meant that big acts were all over the place at almost any given time of day.

A good friend of mine from Mississippi came down, my roommate brought a coworker and the four of us piled into a car for the 4+ hours drive to Miami. We were properly equipped for the 20 hour event with snacks, sunscreen, extra clothes and other party goods. Upon arrival at the event we scoped the area as well as we could (we had promptly started partying upon stopping the car). The main stage was grandly decorated with huge LCD displays and enough sound to kill small animals.

During the course of the day I saw Bad Company UK, D-Fuse, Prodigy, Paul Oakenfold, Infected Mushroom, Sander Kleinenberg, DJ Dan, Rabbit in the Moon, Donald Glaude, BT, Bad Boy Bill and I do not know who else. The event was just SO big. I know we missed Roni Size and Carl Cox among many others.

Note to rave newbies: When going to a day festival do not eat your ecstacy during the daytime. The drug causes dehydration and sometimes nausea–not good things when one has to be out in the sun all day. We saw several people throwing up and passing out within just a few hours of the start of the event. Amateurs.

Note to self: Next year, map out what acts you want to see–not in your head, but physically on paper. Especially before you get so intoxicated it becomes hard to read.

Note to self: Next year, scope out the entire grounds prior to getting really loaded. Finding acts and food and water will be much easier that way.

Note to self: Next year, get a hotel room close to the actual venue so that no one has to be a designated driver.

gotta get off this machine.

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