Israel – Palestine, what now?

Goodness. Why can’t we all just get along? Just when I was beginning to think that something new and beautiful might be blossoming in this old story, I am seemingly proven wrong.

Why would I think that something new was happening? Well, after the death of Yasser Arafat it seemed as if the stubborn West (i.e. Israel and the US) might have a new face and a new administration to deal with. I had harbored hope that this would open new dialogue with the troubled Palestinian territory. After all, the Palestinians were going to get the chance to participate in some democratic elections and that is what we (the US) is promoting all over the world now, right? Democracy and capitalism are going to save the world, right? That is what they keep telling us anyway. What they fail to mention is that democracy is not cool unless people sympathetic to US interests are elected.

That’s right. We are going to come and install democracy. We are going to force you to be free. But god damn, if you elect people we do not like, we are packing up our shit and leaving. And that is if your lucky. If we really do not like it we will bomb/terrorize/subvert/destroy/infilitrate your country until you learn the lesson of freedom. Don’t believe me?

Well, the US has actually asked the Palestinian Authority to give back money we had already given them, all because Palestinian voters chose Hamas at the ballot box. Egregiously, Israel has also suspended funding to the Territory because of the election outcome–no wait, that is wrong. What Israel has actually done is to suspend tax and duty money that is the rightful possession of Palestine (read about all this here). So there! See if you vote freely again you ungrateful bastards! We closed our illegal settlements and built a huge illegal wall to keep you safe and look how you repay us, you vote for someone you think might fight for your interests! The nerve of some people!

Jesus, don’t the Israelis realize that the Palestinian people still have plenty of their own battles to face. Hamas has enough voting strength to form its own government but has (smartly) decided not to do that. They know they need a coalition government in order to gain some international credibility and they might try to achieve such. But, as this article shows, they are going to have to survive their own internal struggles first. And is anyone else wondering like I am: in a part of the world that is so damn poor, how the hell did they get all those weapons?

Last but not least on this subject…Why does it not seem to occur to the powers-that-be that the results of the election are a by-product of the ugly situation over there? Do people honestly believe that the Palestinians are just hell-bent on causing violence and destruction? Do they not understand that the Palestinians want nothing more than what the Israelis do, that is, peace and security? Do they not understand that as long as they deny that to them they will continue to fight in any way they can and get better at it? Read here to see how they are improving.

“The United States of America: Promoting Democracy, As Long As Its Cost-Effective and Suitable to Our Interests Since 1946.”

’nuff said?

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