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Thanks MK for pointing out this article on the WSF. Surprisingly, the author brings up many of the topics discussed amongst ourselves during the trip.

Funny story: One night we all went to TGIF in Caracas, (Do not go there. The service sucks and the damn menus have no prices. FUCK TGIF.) and got really drunk on Tequila and Cuba Libres. After we left we walked out of the place all chanting ” Oo, Ah, Ch├ívez No Se Va!” Loud as hell in a decent part of town, this is not what one wants to be yelling in Caracas (remember the divisive politics bit?). We did get a lot of strange looks right then, and a cab driver refused to take us as fare. Too bad for him, we were so drunk that night we overpaid some other cab driver 30,000 bolivares. The most expensive cab ride of the ENTIRE trip.

good times, eh?

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