1. the bus ride (or welcome to the developing world, gringo) PART 2

Amongst this crazy ride, my companions and I were treated to two sites not often seen here in our daily lives.

The first was street vendors. No, not the kind that you find on the streets of any big city. Remember, we are still on this bus ride in the mountains, on narrow roads. But there they were, standing on a six inch wide curb offering drivers and passengers bottled water, candy and potato chips. As the crazy melange of vehicles hurtled by them, these folks were trying to stay alive AND sell us something. Perhaps my description does not do the sight justice, but believe me, that shit was crazy.

The second sight was the poverty. As we ascended this mountain and left the semi-urban area surrounding the city, we came upon hundreds, nay thousands, of shanty houses stretching up the mountain along side us. Houses no bigger than a convenience store bathroom with no floor, little or no electricity and no running water. Houses made of tin, sheet metal, aluminum and even plywood and particle board. Houses that did not look like they could stand without aid much less through any sort of inclement weather. Strangely though, satellite TV dishes were more frequent than any of us expected.

Frozen image in my mind: a shanty made of wood and tin, standing somewhat alone near the road. On its door: an image of a Christmas tree made of green garland.

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