reporting back from the World Social Forum

well, my compatriots and i have returned from Caracas Venezuela. whew, what a hell of a trip. i am just now getting over the dysentary from the rum and cokes (with ice) we enjoyed while down there. ugh. i told my travel companions not to touch the water in anyway–that means the ICE in the drinks too. i was not kidding, i only wish i had stuck to my guns and refused those damn rum and cokes. but hey, live and learn. anyway, i have many stories to tell so, i think i will create a list and then begin telling them over the next few days.

1. the bus ride (or “welcome to the developing world, gringo”)
2. divisive politics, latin american style
3. the most dangerous ghetto in Caracas
4. cults of personality
5. the game of chicken and Venezuelan society
6. partying like its 1949

well, that should at least give you and i some idea of what i will be blogging about in the next few days. we got back sunday night and i am still trying to get my life back on track–damn dysentery.

’nuff for now

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