World Social Forum

Some colleauges and I are leaving tonight to travel to Caracas, Venezuela for the World Social Forum. This will be the first time I have traveled to Latin America and I look forward to the exposure. I will be presenting on a subject close to my heart, microcredit.

for this crowd, i am going to concentrate on how microcredit is still a worthwhile development project that can improve lives on the ground rather than just talking shit about how fucked up things are and how someone needs to do something about it. of course, here is a link to Wikipedia on the subject of microcredit, in case you have no idea what i am talking about.

ahh, I look forward to being surrounded by people of similar political goals and attitudes. at least I can be sure of one thing while I am there, I’ll be pissing off the powers-that-be that would rather have me working at my job, toiling away at accumulating more crap I do not need and ignoring the social and cultural destruction that is happening all around me.

i will post when i return and perhaps create a page on the server with some pics of the adventure.

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