different tactics, same mission

This is copied word for word from an email I sent out to a friend today. The last paragraph is in reference to a conversation this gentleman and I had yesterday. I had stated that force was only legitimate when there existed a resisting and opposing counter-force.

Who do you think is more effective?



Sea Sheperd is a group of greenpeacers that were sick of the non-violent protests held by greenpeace (because they amounted to expeditions of watching and documenting illegal/unethical activites) and splintered into their own group. According to their website, Sea Shepherd crews have sunk nine vessels!

Is force legitimate when the legitimate authority refuses to do anything about transgressors? I don’t know if this qualifies as vigilantism, which is plainly illegal. The real issue to think about here is: if the law/the state/the man turns a blind eye to illegal activity, then what are citizens to do?

Gandhi once said, “One must be the changes he wishes to see in the world.” Damn right.


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