What does $250 million buy?

well, i am sure angelina jolie and brad pitt could answer that question in a number of ways but what is it capable of buying in the international sphere? apparently, it is enough money to buy Jordan’s betrayal of the International Criminal Court.

amazing that the US still wants to claim that this convention is harming its autonomy and sovereignty. provisions of the court explicitly stipulate that no one can be tried unless the host country is unable to do so itself and that the court’s jurisdiction does not apply to any action that happened prior to 2002. i understand the US thinks that other countries will be constantly alleging crimes by US soldiers, but how does it look to the rest of the world when the big man on the block refuses to be subject to the same rules as everyone else? the US is worried about anti-Americanism but it insists on passing policies that segregate it from the world. we are the richest damn people on the planet, if we can not defend our actions in an international court then who can?

maybe if we stopped pissing everyone off we would not have to worry about being brought into court so much, eh?


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