deep in the heart of the semester

Gosh, i can not believe it but here we are again, half-way through the fall semester. time sure does fly as you get older.

So, what have I been up to? well I am deep in a survey course on American Foreign Policy, about a third of the way through a great book on International Business for my Comparative Economics course and I have read about 3 books on the international finance/monetary sector since the Bretton Woods accords signed in the Forties.

right now i think one of the more interesting stories i am working on is about Nicaragua. specifically, i am doing a brief paper on the various violations commited by the United States in the early 80′s.

I chose this topic because i only know the bare minimum of the story. I have now begun reading several books on the subject. it ain’t pretty folks. it seems that during the Reagan administration we felt so threatened by the tiny state of Nicaragua that we began funneling arms to the counter-revolutionary forces fighting the Sandinistas.

in short, because of the US policy of containment toward Soviet expansionism, the US government wanted to defeat the leftist Sandinistas and return to power some other corrupt dictator that would be more friendly to US concerns in the area. the Sandinistas, you see, had just won a revolution against a very corrupt leader who had enjoyed years of military and financial support from the US government. of course, we did not like that. god forbid they enjoy their own right of self-determination.

but hey, that is what they get for living in our backyard. if they do not like it, let em move somewhere else, right?

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