the good the bad and the obvious

I just caught a show on the History channel. They were looking at the USS Ronald Reagan-an aircraft carrier. Near the end of the show comes a scene with a navy captain or admiral or whatever. He actually says “my job is to drop bombs to change minds.” Is it me or is that just scary? Is that the purpose of the military, to make people succumb to our thinking? Funny. I thought that the military was for the common defense.

the good: on my recent trip to DC I met some great open minded and thinking people. Thank you Jerry and Carol for revitalizing my hope for humanity for the weekend.

the bad: my travel mate and i met some dumbass from CUA that actually tried to argue that the Chinese population is actually going to fall to half a million some time in the near future. even with the one child policy and almost stagnant population growth the chinese population grows by some 6.5 million people per year. it scares me when i meet people who seem to be willing to ignore reality in order to fit their conception of the world.

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