I have been wanting to post for days about this tragedy happening in my old hometown of biloxi. Ten years I lived in that city. Never did I feel so connected to it then I do now.

the first few days were an emotional rollercoaster. the national weather service was saying that a Cat 5 hurricane would essentially destroy 75% of all wood homes. i was shocked. but that is exactly what happened. i became fearful and worried that people i had known for years were lost to the world.

then the images of chaos in new orleans began streaming through the television. i was shocked again. to think that these people had to deal with this kind of lawlessness in a time of great personal loss was extraordinary. beatings, rapes, kidnappings, looting. by friday i was heartbroken for these people, still worried about my loved ones, and increasingly irritated at the lack of response by various government levels.

it is incomprehensible to me and completely unacceptable that the emergency response to katrina took so long. everyone is responsible. the drudge report has a great link to a picture on Yahoo that shows at least a hundred municipal school buses left unused prior to katrina’s arrival. and his caption is dead-on, why were these assets not utilized? they knew that new orleans could not handle a storm of this size. they also knew that a sizeable portion of its residents would be unable to leave. ridiculous.

the Louisiana governor really screwed up too. where the hell was security and law enforcement? why did the city have to descend into that cesspool of crime and terror? there is only one word for it: negligence. what they hell did they think would happen? people would just gather in the streets and sing Kumbaya?

FEMA did no better. i was happy to hear that they had supplies waiting just outside LA and MS before the hurricane hit. but afterwards i was dissapointed to see that those supplies were both inadequate and in desperate need of logistics and transport. grade: C- .

the Bush administration…the man did not even publicly admit that response efforts were flawed until Saturday. i think that says it all.

I know that when this is all over with I will have lost someone I once knew but whose name escapes me. So tomorrow, Monday, I will mourn the loss of those who lost their lives in katrina. perhaps later in the week (if roads permit) I will drive to MS and provide some of those people whom I do not know with some food and water. i feel that this is an important action. poor is he who thinks that paying cash is enough of a sacrifice to help his fellow human being.

’til next time

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