webster’s online dictionary defines farce as mockery or “an empty show.”

i am thinking of this after having a brief conversation with some fellows. during our exchange we observed that while gambling is illegal in at least half of all u.s. states (excepting the lottery), hold’em poker is the hottest “sport” on television. millions, perhaps billions of dollars being made in that industry. piped right into the living room of every cable and satellite dish owner, red states and blue. online gambling? illegal. percentage of people on poker sites like poker stars and party poker who are american? 50% if not more.

so what does all this mean? i dont know. maybe it just means that people are smart enough to decide for themselves what is socially acceptable and what is not. i want to say that it affirms a hypothesis i have about law. i have said once or twice that the law is not meant to be a guide for action, nor is it supposed to be a method of control. the end of law is to attempt to create justice among people who have agreed not to attempt to exact justice personally. it is an attempt by society to create fairness, or at the very least, the illusion of it.

therefore, the public has and will never see the law as a guide to how to live. those who choose to be a positive part of society have no need of laws except for when they are wronged. those who choose to be a cancer among humanity have no use of the law except to exploit it. no law will survive that does not hold true to the values of the people subject to it. sure you can cow people into submission with a stick. but sooner or later…

no law will survive that does not hold true to the values of the people subject to it.
in thousands of homes across the country right now people are playing ‘hold em and other poker games. in the state i live, i believe such games are illegal based on the size of the pots played for. in this state I think it is maximum $10 pots. so if you have 10 people pitch in $10 bucks and payout $80/20, i think that $80 pot is against the law, shhhh. penny ante games are legal in this state, but i do not think that counts. does anybody seem to care? nah. its just a poker game.

do i care? nah. anti-gambling laws, drug laws, prostitution, its all the same. there is no legislating out such behavior. they are impulses that our society possesses. as long as such impulses remain so will the supplier always show to the marketplace.

enough for now

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