another casualty of the war on terror

its only fitting that my next posting should again be about Charles de Menezes, the brazilian immigrant shot dead in london shortly after the london terror attacks. according to a CNN report he may have been doing nothing more than trying to make his commute to work.

i wonder now if people will stop and take notice of how scared we have made ourselves. londoners were handling the attacks well? whatever. what is clear is that they shot an innocent man, what may become more clear soon is that they also may have overreacted and negligently killed a man. if the objective of terrorism is to make us so scared we shit ourselves, then chalk the death of Charles de Menezes on the islamist fundamentalist side.

it must be a sad day for all of democracy when the populace becomes afraid of its own shadow. a simple news search on google shows that police departments all over the world are adopting this “shoot to kill” policy for suspected suicide bombers. idiots. doesn’t the word “suspected” mean anything anymore? just in case no one told you guys, shoot first and ask questions later is not a proper method by which to conduct the protection of the people. how can you protect people when you are too busy shooting at ‘em?

shoot to kill,” just read that carefully–that is not policy. it is a license to kill. it says that we are so befuddled and so cowed by terrorist tactics that we must resort to “policies” of absolute power, devoid of rational thought.

the power we give to our government is not unlimited. when we start trading in our common sense and decency for safety and security we truly have lost the culture wars. after all, that is one essential difference between the Islamic east and Capitalist West, right?

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