the failure of western foreign policy

london has now suffered the wrath of the islamist movement. it is a tragedy and i have the utmost compassion for the victims and family members.

what really gets me down about the whole event tho’, is something far removed from the carnage and fear that londonites now harbor. what depresses me is the response from the so-called “leaders” of the most advanced economies of the world.

“they will not win”

“freedom will prevail”

jesus. i am wondering now…is it that these guys can not think of what to say and how to deal with this situation or is it that they think that YOU are too stupid to listen to them. seriously people. how does the current attitude of the “developed world” help us combat the hatred and fear that makes these fundamentalists aggressive? does more bombings, more invasions, more covert operations help any of us?

look at the long run people. you reap what you sow. the more violence and aggression we put out into the world the more it will just come back to haunt us. i know that some people out there want to believe that these people hate us simply because “we have everything” but that is a cop-out, an excuse not to think about the world-at-large and how we as american fit into that system.

American foreign policy has been horrid over the last 3 decades. we have supported terrorists. we have propped up murderous dictators. we have overthrown democratically elected governments. all in the name of freedom (read: capitalism).

you question my analysis? go read a book on Saudi Arabia then. it is probably one of the least democratic and most oppressive regimes in the middle east. what is american foreign policy doing about that? nothing. absolutely nothing. why? because they are good business partners that is why. as long as you do good business with america and american companies you are fine. oppress your people. we do not care. just keep that oil pumping, House of Saud. make second-class citizens of your female population. we do not care. just do not rock the boat when we come demanding your support for military intervention in afghanistan or iraq or iran or whatever.

so, if you question my analysis then answer me. why is that the US government is not touching saudi arabia? i know one thing. it is not because they are a peace-loving people who are free to choose their own paths by electing leaders and speaking their minds. its because they stay in line when we tell ‘em to. i challenge you to prove me wrong. i will eat these words if someone can make an argument against it.

next, maybe a discussion on why Al-jazeera is really hated by the US.

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