why we are not leaving Iraq


have been reading what i consider a good book, chalmers johnson’s the sorrows of empire. some might argue that johnson is of course just a left winger. but, the most shocking fact in the book which i have not yet heard a valid argument for, is that US operates some 700 overseas military bases. wow.

assuming, at the least, that the federal government is hellbent on building military bases all over the world to “protect” american interests; the situtation in iraq is easy to understand. the middle east has all the oil. it is an unstable region. we need both oil and stability. in order to better keep that area of the world under our sphere of influence the government has decided to build some bases and station some men over in that part of the world. it takes time to build bases, you need flight lines, security, electricity, whatever.

those men will not be leaving for sometime by my calculations. and when they do, expect a new rotation for all new incoming troops. a significant force of men will remain in that area until someone convinces our government to change it ways.

or maybe not…

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