the global citizen

while having one of my typical delusions of grandeur daydreams, i envisioned how i would respond to a respected professor who asked me what my intentions were in all my activities (future events)? My response was that I want to shift the paradigm of current philosophy.

Shift the paradigm to what, he inquires. i respond, to awaken the global citizen. to plug people in to the idea that we are now one community. borders will become meaningless. problems and opportunities will both travel faster than ever known in history. and all of us are stuck on this little planet, swimming through an unforgiving universe.

a new project must begin. one in which people see themselves and others as simple beings co-existing in this time and place in history. each having his own worth and experience of what reality is for him. knowledge requires collaboration. Only by gathering together will humans continue to survive well into the future. the problems we face (resource scarcity, disease) have no mind to see colors or boundaries. only by having the same collectivity do we stand a chance.

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