The Eightfold Path

Briefly, here is the eightfold path which the buddha taught as a method of gaining happiness and nirvana. This path does not represent a straight line however, rather one should see each point as a landmark. as long as you see and experience any of the following signs then you are probably following the path properly, especially since each part is interconnected with the others.

Right view: is to have a proper understanding of reality

right intention: involves the goals and motivations of our actions

Right speech: one must strive to speak with honesty, truth, and compassion

right action: similar to speech, we must seek to temper our actions with wisdom and compassion

Right livelihood: considering the no-harm policy of the buddha, this part of the path refers to how we make our living in this world; one should seek work that exploits and harms no living thing

right effort: we must consistently try to apply the principles of the buddha’s teachings, like recognizing our attachments and false understandings of reality

Right mindfulness: one must cultivate healthy, honest, and compassionate consideration since thoughts represent the seeds by which we grow future ideas and feelings

right meditation: proper meditation on emptiness, attachment, and the interdependence of all things will help all to recognize the 4 Noble truths and help keep us on the Path to enlightenment

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