its been a while

Wow, time really flies when your sick and having to take care of school work. Ugh. Had to take a damn Final exam with this damn illness hanging over my head, what a pain in the ass.

Really can not think of anything intellectual to chit chat about, I have had to do without good conversation ever since I got sick. Feeling too damn bad to talk shit about politics and shit. Am feeling a bit better today but my primary co-conspirator took a trip to NY, lucky bastard! So I will fall back on something I often repeat to myself at different times for different reasons.

The Four Noble Truths of the Buddha:

1. Pain is inevitable. Part of being alive is the experience of pain and pleasure.
2. Suffering is optional. Suffering is a construct, that is, suffering is not natural. A construct is something we create with the processes of our own psyche. So, suffering is something we essentially choose. We may choose to construct suffering or we may choose to construct acceptance.
3. The end of suffering is possible in this lifetime. It is possible, with effort, to end suffering and achieve nirvana.
4. The method by which we all may attain happiness is the Eightfold Path.

i’ll discuss that tomorrow.

til next time.

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