all work no play…

As I believe I stated earlier, I volunteered for a presentation on Tuesday the 19th of April. So, here I am diligently working on the project while my friends play poker. Sunday is our normal poker night but tonight I just could not see ditching my responsibilities to play.

The semester is almost over and I am in near melt down mode. I am so close to being finished with the semester and yet the next few weeks are going to be total hell as I try to finish each one of my projects by the assigned due date.

Mind you, i am not trying to bitch. I just felt the need to express this situation. I signed up for all this school shit so…

If anyone out there is into digital video editing, I highly recommend staying away from Pinnacle products. recently, i tried to burn footage from the Bush inauguration to DVD, only to find that my version of Studio 9 would not perform the task. After consulting the online Pinnacle forums, i found that others were having the same problem. some BS error pops up on my version.

in light of that revelation, i am promoting another company whose editing product I have not tried yet. I have tried other software by them that performs DVD burning and i found it very friendly and problem free. they also have trial uses of most of their products so you can check it out for yourself.
check out

oh yeah, if someone out there knows of a good semi-professional camcorder I would like some advice on the subject. since most of the events we go to are protests I am looking for something small–carrying around one of those big models is just not cool when you need to run from cops with tree limbs and tear gas.

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