Mississippi Governor betrays his faith

Today Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant declared that Democrats in his state have no other mission in life but to kill babies.  Never mind what you may personally think about abortion, this sort of rhetoric is useless.  It serves only to kill the soul of those poor dumb sons of bitches stupid enough to listen to him.  Furthermore, Governor Bryant is doing a great disservice to his faith and his community.  That is the funny thing about some pro-lifers: they want to protect the shit out of unborn humans but do nothing to improve the lives of those who already live.

The governor obviously did not see this article about how the Bible and Jesus’s teachings encourage positive language and restraint on ones choice of words.  Again, why is it so hard for “Christians” to live with good grace and proper manner?  What happened to “judge not lest ye be judged?”  What the hell happened to all those goddamn “What Would Jesus Do?” bracelets? Why the hell isn’t any one listening?

One of the reasons I walked away from organized religion so many years ago was precisely because of assholes like Bryant, who proclaim to do the work and bidding of a loving god by being a total dick.  Thank you Mr. Bryant for confirming for me 30 years later that I made the right choice to be an agnostic.  Who needs friends like you sticking their foot in their mouth making every body else look like a douche.

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