two down, one to go

I have now finished 2 presentations out of three, woo-hoo! Next week will be the final one, then I can concentrate on finishing this globalization paper.

Next week I will have to present on my empirical work. We have to run an Ordinary Least Squares (OLS) regression analysis and present the results. I have decided to create a model around Kellner’s “Theorizing Globalization” article.

Kellner critically examines globalization and says that the only way to analyze globalization is to pay attention to both the restructuring of capital and the spread of technology. knockemdown and i have theorized that if life is a dialectical process then as neo-liberal globalization spreads so will resistance to that process.

we envision that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) represent part of this resistance. So, my regression will test to see if the two globalizing forces (neo-liberal economics and technology) are affecting the number of NGOs in any given country. i am using 3 independent variables in the test: (1)economic market freedom (as measure by the Fraser Institute), (2) number of fax machines and (3) internet connectivity. The last two are supposed to estimate the diffusion of technology.

The results are good, my model explains 50% of the variation in NGO numbers. For the uninititated, that is pretty damn good.

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  1. Monash Ivf Says:

    Good observation, your ideas are right on.

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