The price we pay for apathy

I just read a nice little article in Wired about the new National Security Agency “data center” being built in Utah and I wish I could say it affected in me some way, but I can not.  It has been a long quiet road for the United States to reach this point but who among us (at least those of us with brains in our head) could not see this coming?

From the ridiculously named Patriot Act  to the aptly named Total Information Awareness project, it was inevitable that privacy was on its last legs in this country.  I am having this moment of clarity now that just makes me smile and laugh…I remember seeing a story on CNN about China’s Great Firewall and in it was a Chinese citizen who really did not seem to mind the governments attempt at hiding knowledge from him or other citizens.  It struck me at the time as something rather poetic, because let’s face it people: at the end of the day we decide how much we are oppressed by our masters.

I find this funny now because I am not surprised, nor shocked that the NSA continues its steady march of building the biggest, fastest, smartest data centers known to man.  And it is all possible because stupid, apathetic US citizens allow it.  They argue both in private and in public that the government needs all this technology, all this surveillance, all this POWER to keep us safe.  They tell us that as long as you are innocent you have nothing to fear.  Tell that to  this 61 year old man whose house was raided based on bad information, or this circuit court judge held at gunpoint in another botched raid, or how about this poor fucking family whose dog was shot during yet another raid.

Being innocent is not a defense, not as we surround ourselves with the wickedness of men with budgets beyond our wildest imaginations and the explicit freedom of intruding into every facet of our lives: where we shop, who we talk to, what products we buy, what articles we read and with whom we decide to keep company.

Now I’m upset…what to do about people? What to do indeed?

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