Barack Obama: The Last Great Hope (and inevitable failure) of Modern American Politics.

The following was written sometime ago.  It is unedited.  Sorry dear reader.

Several years ago Barack Obama came deftly swinging onto the stage of American politics and media.  He gave an impassioned speech at one of the largest political spectacles of the year,  The Democratic National Convention.  Democrats, Republicans, conservatives and liberals loved, myself included.  His words were brilliantly non-partisan and echoed the most intangible quality all of his audience shared; hope.  Hope that all this rubbish could be turned around.

Hard to believe that at the time he had not even been elected to his seat in the US Senate.  Obama won by an historically wide margin in Illinois and his political trajectory never waivered.  Up and up he went.  From newbie Senator to obvious presidential front-runner. It has been an amazing story, but I fear that it might be the last nail in the coffin for American politics.

Okay, perhaps that is overstated.  Nonetheless,  I would like to examine this more closely.  Strictly from my own perspective and experience and what I think that means for the populace at large.  So here goes…

Anyone having read this blog may already know that I do not vote anymore.  I have concluded (until evidence shows otherewise) that voting is the new opiate of the masses, strictly a placebo, a means by which to give us the illusion of power and choice.  I am not a fool though.  As I said, I too suffered at times with imbuing Obama with all the hope of mankind, a savior of reason in a world of waste.  So, I said, to those who would listen, that I might consider re-registering and voting for Mr. Obama were he the one to win the nomination.  I  emphasized that no such action would be forthcoming if Mrs. Clinton won the nomination.

And so I have been pleased with my choice.  Wat

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