One in 179,697,356

I have been a drone lately, content to just show up at work Monday through Friday and rest on Saturday and Sunday.

I read the news everyday, still frustrated that the world seems in so much chaos. I see dramatic signs of entropy answered with nothing more than the whimper of a comfortable apathy.

I enjoy my work, but I still can not get over the feeling that I am the proletariat. No matter how much I like my work, I still sell my life away one hour at a time.

I miss the camaraderie and stimulation of college. I recall that Plato and his colleagues considered it a great importance that man have leisure time in order that he may pursue something beyond the pursuit of sustenance.

Perhaps I have missed the point. I am so used to thinking that there is purpose to the pursuit of knowledge and ideas. Perhaps that is where I went wrong. I forgot that it is not the destination we reach, but rather the journey itself, the process.

When I first started immersing myself in Buddhist thought, one of the first things that ever connected with me was this idea of process-as-purpose, rather than product-as-purpose. Ironically, the article I was reading was about work. Basically, it just suggested that if you could not fall in love with the process of your work, than you were likely doomed to fail at it.

I enjoy a lively debate. I guess now I just need to remember why. Perhaps then I will be reminded of why I started writing in the first place.

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  1. John "Dan" Noreika Says:

    still the evervigilant pessimist…..

    Get in touch…


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