Dog the Bounty Hunter, A&E: the real story people should be talking about

having started a new job lately I have not been keeping up with the news or my posts lately, sorry ya’ll. however i did want to say something real quick about dog the bounty hunter and his show on A&E tv. it seems to me that the media and general public have missed the real story here.

so what the hell am i talking about? simple really. if you read the transcript from dog’s little speech to his son, you will notice that he (dog) mentions that he is worried about his son’s girlfriend outing the family because they use the “n” word “sometimes”. in response to this debacle, a&e has suspended the show pending investigation (partial transcript and more here).

what people should be talking about is this: if the Dog family uses the term “sometimes” and this has never been aired, what should we think about A&E’s attitude about this situation? i mean if the network is following dog around, then they must have heard this word used again and again; the show is in its third or fourth season after all. so my question is this, don’t you think it’s possible that they have recorded him using this term frequently over the years? and they said or did nothing?

it really is a sign of the times that networks do not really care about right, wrong, politically correct bullshit, or whatever. they knew dog was a ticking bomb and did nothing but leave his “n” word this, “n” word that on the cutting room floor. as long as he was bringing in the ratings, who cares? Not A&E television, that much is obvious.

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