On Barry Bonds and Success at any Cost

well, barry bonds has done it. he has destroyed any semblance of respect he may have ever had and taken major league baseball down with him. Congratulations Barry, you are the latest jerk on the planet to prove that “how you play the game” is not what really matters. How else does one explain that a cheater now holds one of the most coveted achievements in all of sports?

When I do decide to have kids, what the hell do I tell them? Do I tell them that myself and others have lied to them over and over again with that bullshit about “it’s not whether you win or lose”?

really, i am not that surprised by this turn of events. i have been lamenting for quite sometime about the total destruction of real, accountable ethics in our society. this is but another example of how many of us simply do not care if you follow the rules as long as you win. the trend is evident everywhere–from the boardrooms of Microsoft, MCI Worldcom and Enron to the hallowed streets that are home to the Tour de France.

ah well, back to work.

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  1. nix Says:

    Don’t worry baby. We’ll figure out what to tell jr. together.

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