video work

kn0ckemdown and i last night did what is the next to final cut on our DC-NYC Inauguration Tour film footage. Using some free trial software, I was able to render the video into MPEG format and burn it onto a DVD.

The final product is pretty good if I do say so. Some of the film is pretty choppy though. I think that that is a side effect of the less than stellar video equipment we are using. We got spoiled after the Miami experience when we had a fairly good quality digital camcorder. But as an experiment in gonzo journalism, I think the choppiness of the video only adds to its amateur appeal.

But, we do realize very badly that we need a new prosumer digital cam. If we wish to distribute this stuff out to the masses then we are going to have to at least “look” like professionals.

Anyway, we can now make multiple copies of both the Miama FTAA experience and the DC Inauguration trip. If anyone is reading this and interested, please let us know.

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