A sunshine ray of hope in this presidential election needs your help

well, i may be a few days behind on my DVR recordings but, i saw this great thing about Unity ’08 yesterday. it is a movement to select a unity candidate in the upcoming election.

this is a country of some 300 million people and immigrants that come from all over the world. i know most of you are not democrat or republican, so this should be something we could all get behind and support.

i only have one suggestion: last night as I heard a gentleman on the Colbert report (about halfway down the page talking about it and I will admit, I have to do more research on what these people are doing) but, I think the idea is good…

Anyway, the only problem with the campaign is that right now it only seems to be online, which reduces its effectiveness because not all voters are connected to the digital world (the situation is called the “digital divide”, a primer from Wikipedia is here; read more about it here and here).

We need some volunteers and some cash to get tablet PC’s on the ground and get those people without computers and broadband access to participate, otherwise this project will result in nothing than more elitist feel good propaganda about how good our democracy is.

anyone wish to help?

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