An Update on the Tax Dodging Browns of New Hampshire

Well, it has been several days since i posted about the Brown’s and their silly ass attempt at avoiding paying federal income taxes and not a single person has bothered to make an argument for the illegality of income taxes. perhaps there are more rational people out there in the world than i thought. i am still a little intrigued by the story so I will post a little bit more on the subject today and then try to let it go.

apparently, an IRS official refuted the arguments made by the browns who are reported to have once said that they will only leave “free or in body bags.” this attitude from anyone always reminds me of a quote my girlfriend once told me: “I would never die for my beliefs because I might be wrong.” Bertrand Russell

at first glance the quote seems rather cowardly, but man does russell make some sense. if you believe in an afterlife (which i do not) then it just seems prudent to keep your ass alive as long as possible, you know, just in case you got the story wrong and god is really pissed off about it.

but, i digress, i think the real story here is not about the legality of the income tax, but about the civic duty that is behind the concept of taxation. these people do realize that taxes pay for all the shit that makes this country great, don’t they? safe drinking water? taxes. safe, ready to consume red meat? taxes. multi-million dollar war planes? taxes. education? taxes.

taxes are the method by which we have chosen to levy the necessary monies needed for conducting government business; if you do not like it perhaps YOU should considering moving somewhere that does not levy such taxes. but, if you want to be here and reap the benefits, shut up and pay the tax man.

this is not an issue of the government taking away citizen rights. this is not an issue of free speech or due process. the functioning of government all over the world requires revenue. how the hell else do you think government is going to pay for all the services it provides? or should the USA government start acquiring some industries for itself and generate revenue that way? yeah right, then these wackos would join the local militia and start complaining (again) about one world government.

i briefly considered moving to new hampshire because of this project called the free state project (i have no information that they are affiliated in any way). but damn, if NH is gonna become like Texas and start attracting a bunch of weirdos, then i think i will just stay put.

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