Tax dodging Browns are brave, but likely wrong

i was pleased to read about the Brown family that is currently holed up in their private compound, all but daring police and federal authorities to “come and get ‘em”. i truly admire anyone who is willing to put his ass on the line for what he believes, however…

People have been arguing for almost a century now about the legality of the income tax and the debate is getting really tiresome. i perused a few blogs today about the brown story and most of them were in support of the them. that is all well and good, but I have yet to see a well reasoned argument for refusing to pay taxes.

first off, the 16th amendment to the constitution was properly ratified as far as I can tell and the lame ass arguments about punctuation differences in different state ratification bills are just that, lame.

secondly, even if Ohio was not officially declared a state when it ratified the amendment on january 19, 1911, 3 states did ratify the measure on February 3rd, more than making up for the loss of ohio.

thirdly, lastly, and most importantly, various courts of differing authority have confirmed the legality of the IRS and its job as collector of income tax. so, the only valid argument anyone can make is that all these courts have no jurisdiction, which means that every law they have ever confirmed is also invalid. now, i am no blind faith patriot, but even to me, that is a scary fucking thought.

but, i try to be a reasonable man. so, if anyone out there has an unbiased account of this argument please feel free to post it here, or elsewhere, or send me a link. i will post it here (as long as you do not act like an asshole) and we will continue to discuss it.

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