Purdue University posts World Trade Center animation

i have been over and over and over this topic with some of my more conspiratorial cohorts and i will admit I wanted desperately to believe in some of the early theories about 9/11. but, after careful consideration, i have given up on just about all of them.

but, for those who still need some convincing, please check out the video on YouTube, here.

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  1. Carbon Says:

    I assume from your post that you have “given up” on the official conspiracy theories.

    If not, could convince you otherwise.

  2. Administrator Says:

    Carbon, what exactly is an “official” conspiracy theory? I really do not mean to be facetious, but I have not seen one piece of credible commentary since 9/11. I have watched several videos and read a couple of books, but when I investigate beyond those books their theories never stand up.

    I am always open to seeing something new though.

    Thanks for reading.

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