UN Secretary General blames Darfur violence on the weather

defying the USA’s stance on global climate change, the united nation’s head bureaucrat Ban Ki-moon stated today that ecological problems have at least contributed to the violence in darfur. i can not wait to see how the powers-that-be react to this one.

the idea that environmental conditions can affect political and social cohesion is not new, but it is interesting. Perhaps one of the most important works on this subject (in my opinion) is jared diamond’s book guns, germs and steel. while the book does not deal directly with climate change, it discusses in detail the effects of scarce natural resources and how they create advantage and competition.

this is a much more important subject than the media makes it out to be. i did a paper a couple of years ago on water scarcity and conflict. one of my primary resources was a book recommended by prof. andrew price-smith; the book is, Environment, Scarcity, and Violence by Thomas Homer-Dixon.

anyway, i learned some very interesting things about the conflicts in israel and palestine (some of the land seized by israel since 1967 contains some of the only potableĀ  ground water in the whole dame region) and the iran-iraq war (some of the problem was the water that both states must share from the Tigris-Euphrates).

just like oil, the more scarce things become, the more conflict is going to arise unless we figure another way out…

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  1. J-Ro Says:

    I think you’re totally right, in that weather and enviroment affect people in subtle ways that are often missed when people talk politics.

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