An example of shoddy reporting

here is a link to a world tribune article about how American citizens feel about China’s growing influence on the world stage. the content itself is fine and interesting; i would expect that most people would be shitting themselves considering the aura of fear that has been thrust upon us by the bushies.

what i would like to point out is the way that the author makes an assertion, but does not give any support to the statement. here is a quote from the very first paragraph:

A new public opinion poll shows a majority of the American people do not see a danger in China‚Äôs economic and military buildup, demonstrating that Beijing’s efforts to influence public opinion in the United States have been successful.


What efforts is this writer referring to? does anyone have any published or anecdotal information about an attempt by China to improve their public image? i did a cursory search for any news on such a thing and found nothing thus far. thinking that china may be using an entity like “the council on American-Islamic relations“, i did a brief search for something similar–nothing. the closest thing i could find was this site about china and american business.

now, if you are gonna assert something like, “the campaign must be working,” should you not at least give the reader some background information?

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