Your taxpayer money at work in hidden budgets and locales

foxnews is reporting on a European study that alleges illegal, secret prisons located in eastern europe. these prisons were (allegedly) used to circumvent human and civil rights laws that would apply if the prisons were either public knowledge or located inside USA territory.

well, i did a little looking around and found some other uses for this “black budget” money. black budget means that the money is hidden from the published national budget so that national security secrets can be maintained, or so they tell us. an article in Wired magazine details some interesting ways that the federal government hides the money (read that here).

of course, with a little bit of digging one can find all sorts of interesting things the US government is spending our money on, without our knowledge.

Read here about how a US representative used black budget bills to hide pork spending to benefit his constituents.

Read here about how U.S. Special Operations Command in tampa florida used black money to give a no-bid contract to a software company. this story began unraveling after an anonymous letter arrived at a newspaper office and two Senators offices.

can there be any doubt that some of this money is being spent on projects like aurora, Operation TIPS, and crowd control weapons like the new military heat ray.

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