How Intelligent Design Theory is Killing Christian Faith

i was watching bill o’reilly the other night and kirk cameron was on the show. the first thing that really got to me was how bill completely changed his interview style (if one can call it that) from dangerously antagonistic to cute cuddly teddy bear. prior to cameron showing up, wesley clark was on the show and bill just had a shit fit over the fact that clark accepted money from george soros. if you have not seen it try to, bill basically makes george soros out to be the fucking anti-christ.

anyway, later in the show kirk showed up and what does bill do? he softballs this guy with questions like, “so kirk, tell us why it is that you have faith in god?” Or, “kirk, tell us how you use reason to support your faith in god.” i mean, how fucking transparent can you get? do people still actually believe that fox news is “fair and balanced”? Compared to what, the third reich?

so, growing pains star kirk is now here to lecture us on his belief in god. oh jesus. (you know, i thought that fox news was one of those stations that attack celebrities for trying to use their star status to make political points.) mr. cameron appears (according to his website) to be a converted atheist to the christian faith. his newfound faith is, of course, rationally and logically based, as is the new custom in the world of christian faith.

just in case you have not heard, the new fad in christian persuasion is intelligent design theory, which of course is a new term for creationism. unless of course you ask the freaks that believe in it, they will tell you it has NOTHING to do with creationism. No, they will tell you it is a new theory of science that challenges the terrible and flaw ridden theory of evolution.

however, this is a bunch of crap. If i remember high school science correctly, the scientific method dictates that one must be able to hypothesize and test a reasonable and educated guess. ID theory does not accomplish this in anyway. ID theorists idea of science is to say, “look at the world’s complexity. can you understand it all? I do not think you can. so, somebody must have created it.” does that sound like science to you?

another “argument” I love that creationists use can be found here. it is an interview with ABC’s the view co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck in which she again attempts to use reason to justify her faith by pointing at something we know has a designer (the statue of David in this case) and saying, “well if someone designed that, everything must be designed by someone.” wow. i never thought of it that way before. maybe I should start taking my spiritual advice from people with Fine Art degrees and former child television actors.

someone on the Creationist side of the debate should tell these people to shut up. do you not realize that they hurt your cause more than help it? i mean, don’t you understand that as long as you continue to attempt to justify your faith with reason that you have already lost the debate? faith is not meant to be reasonable. one of the definitions of the word is:

firm belief in something for which there is no proof (from

so, please do us all a favor and shut up. Or, better yet, stick to the proselytizing with a stark faith based on nothing but your personal and heartfelt connection to god, because trying to convince us with your intellect is an insult to our intelligence.

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    Yeah, seems like you were pointing out the flip side though. It’s annoying on both fronts when people try to push things in your face. I mean, spreading the word is part of religion, but do it by preaching in your church, or holding voluntary informational meetings, not going on the O’Reilly factor, yeesh.

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