Falwell dies and I am going to hell

well, the outspoken and bigoted Reverend Falwell died today. and to be respectful, that is all I am gonna say on this subject.

In a similar note, i was bar hopping last night and ended up next to a quiet gentleman drinking a rum and coke. drunk as piss myself, i decided to talk to this guy. after determining that he was actually drinking a diet coke and rum we struck off on the topic of religion and politics. (who would have guessed?)

this guy was a strange one, but interesting. after discovering that he was raised Catholic and that both he and his father are democratic party members, i ventured some questions about the nature of heaven and hell.

me (drunkenly): so, do you believe that since i am a buddhist that i am going to hell?

he: (much less drunkenly): oh yeah buddy your doomed. until you accept jesus as your savior you are screwed.

me: really now? so do you also believe that muslims and others are also bound for the big bad stone oven known as hell?

he: i don’t know. i am not real sure i know the real nature of their belief.

me: hmm. interesting. so, even though I am a good person, I have committed myself to an eternity in damnation?

he: yep, he does not care if you are a good person. do all the good things you want, until you accept god in your heart, you are going to hell. I’m sorry not hell, really, just limbo or purgatory.

me: so people like fucking jeffrey dahmer and hitler get to go heaven and i, a good person get screwed, huh?

he: yep.

me: let me buy you a shot of tequila.

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