United States citizens inform Bush: Your policies scare the (bleep) out of us

according to a poll recently conducted with the help of CNN (the report is here), people are still scared shitless about terrorism. 80% of respondents to the poll indicated that terrorism was either “very important” or “extremely important.” can you believe this?

Six years after the only successful terror attack on our own soil and people are still so fucking cowed by these criminals that they will choose their next president based on it. this is the most harming indictment of the failure of the George W policy. if people still do not feel safer after six years, 3000 plus dead Americans, uncounted numbers of dead Arabs and the invasion of 2 effing countries, when will they ever feel safe?

christ, the citizens of iraq and afghanistan probably feel safer than we do and look at the shit they have to put up with. someone send Usama a congratulations/job-well-done card because he has successfully made a bunch of pussies out of our very own citizens. Mr. Bush probably does not read this column; someone should forward this to him. George W. Bush’s legacy will be the totality of his own failure to reassure us that we are not hated, despised and vulnerable to criminals like this.

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