the double movement, very briefly

All right ya’ll I got to make this quick because I would like to get back to studying…

My understanding of the double movement is simple. It is the nature of capitalism to continuously attempt to disembed itself from the clutches of society and government. This is the first movement.

The result of these attempts is the second movement, which is the countervailing tendency of society and government to re-imbed capital within its sphere of control.

You see, what happens is that those with the power and money try to shape the world system so that they have autonomy from pesky laws and special interests that criticize them for destroying environments and people. As they succeed at this, governments and people realize that the market is failing in significant ways and hurting them, so they work to regain control of the market in order to make it work for them and not against them.

All of this is from the late Karl Polanyi and his work The Great Transformation. You can find out some info on him here.

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