Digg.com reinstates articles on HD DVD encryption cracking

this is a story I had no idea was actually going on, but it is interesting (and kinda cool if I may so myself). it seems that a few days ago some articles that detailed computer code capable of breaking HD DVD copyright management appeared on the site.

well, digg.com received an email from the powers-that-be to take down the articles since they may (or may not) infringe on their copyrights. so, digg.com dutifully took the articles down.

this action, however, pissed off digg users and they promptly retaliated by re-posting the articles and/or rating articles with the code higher. (FYI, digg.com users can submit and vote on articles. articles with high rankings from readers and users are higher up on the news article queue.)

cnet.com is now reporting that digg.com has changed the policy and has decided to take what consequences may come from the powers-that-be rather than face the wraith of its users. you can read that here.

good job people.

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