Wicca soldiers win victory (Updated 4/25/07)

I am too busy to post much today, but I did want to share this story about soldiers winning the right to have their Wicca faith displayed on their gravestones.

the question is: why was this an issue in the first place? i know a Bush is in office, but we still have freedom of religion and expression, right?

UPDATE: well, i was still pretty confused about why this was even an issue, so I did some digging. First, I found this link to an information site on witchcraft and a short discussion on the emblem subject. that site seems to indicate that some potential controversy could happen because of a proposed rule that would allow some people to bitch about some religious symbols if they find them “objectionable.”

a copy of the rule proposal can actually be found here (thanks also to teenwitch.com and www.circlesanctuary.org). the rule actually states:

Emblem of belief refers to an emblem that represents the belief system of the decedent. It does not include social, cultural, ethnic, fraternal, trade, professional, or military emblems, or any emblem that is obscene or would have an adverse impact on the dignity and solemnity of cemeteries honoring those who served the Nation.

This limitation seems pretty reasonable as far as I can tell. so, what does that mean? it means that once again the media created a story out of nothing. the real story is why the families felt the need to sue over something that was going to be granted anyway…

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