The future of gun control in the wake of the Virginia Tech killings

so of course the mass media outlets have now, again, latched on to the topic of gun control. the same thing happened after Columbine. It’s a shame that we seem to ignore our problems until they really come back to bite us in the ass. anyway, i figured i would contribute to the debate since it deserves to be discussed in the aftermath of this record-achieving event.

what will happen to gun control this time around? depending on where one lives, gun buyers must now endure waiting periods and background checks. some guns are strictly illegal. such laws have been passed despite the gargantuan efforts undertaken by groups like the NRA. The Democratic Party does have control of the legislature true, but they have no desire to attack this topic. Let’s face it, America has a long history of gun toting culture.

earlier today I wanted to rant about the fanatics in the NRA and how they over zeaolusly not only defend the 2nd amendment, but (more dangerously) attempt to vigorously defend almost unthinkable policies. but now, after some thought, perhaps they are not as bad as they seem. as far as i understand history, the 2nd amendment’s purpose was to ensure that the citizenry could be armed if and when the government became oppressive. we did secede from the world’s greatest superpower remember? that shit did not happen without the local armed militias.

you see, the social contract we affirm as being citizens of our society is that government shall serve as the only legitimate source of violence. for laws and justice we give up the right to (a) do whatever the hell we want and (b) take matters into our own hands when someone wrongs us. so, when that power oversteps its boundaries it will tend toward violence (see Sun Tzu’s Art of War Chapter 6). the framers (revolutionaries mind you) had witnessed oppressive, non-responsive government before; they knew exactly what to do.

In some strange sense then, the NRA is doing the good works. it is protecting us from that leviathan with which we choose to protect our selves from each other.

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